Measuring savings

For each eco-innovative tender published by the regional networks in the SPP Regions project, we are evaluating the environmental impacts. We are calculating:

    • CO2 emissions saved (tCO2/year)
    • Primary energy consumption saved (GWh/year)
    • Renewable energy capacity triggered (GWh/year) (where relevant)

    Our project target for the 42 eco-innovative tenders to be published is to achieve savings of:

    • 54,3 GWh/year primary energy savings
    • 45 GWh/year RES triggered

    Calculating the impact of eco-innovative tenders

    The environmental impact and benefits of each tender are calculated by comparing the emissions and consumption of either a previous tender or a ‘standard’ solution on the market, with those of the eco-innovative tenders  implementing by the SPP Regions networks.

    A series of tools have been developed for the project, based on those developed within the GPP 2020 project:

    • Energy consumption in buildings
    • Vehicles

    A further tool on catering services may be developed by the end of the project. For tenders which don’t fit these categories easily, tailor-made calculations have been carried out.

    GPP 2020

    The SPP Regions calculation approach was first used within the GPP 2020 project. This project developed four calculators – for Energy Contracting, Office ICT, Street Lighting and Vehicles Calculators.

    You can download a detailed description of the GPP 2020 methodology here – and video tutorials here.