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Bulgarian SPPI Network

The Bulgarian SPPI Network is a new established network under the project SPP Regions as a part of EcoEnergy, the existing Municipal Energy Efficient Network. The Network's objective is to build a common culture among its members in the field of sustainable development though innovative sustainable purchasing.

Latest News

In April 2017 the network hold its second annual meeting, which not only gathered members of the network but also companies from the energy efficiency market, other public bodies from Bulgaria and relevant experts. The meeting registered about 70 people and took part over 2 days.

The network was involved in producing new tender models under the SPP Regions project, which are now available online.

What have we been up to?

  • Final conference of project ''Norwegian experience of Gabrovo in energy efficiency" in February 201, gathering the network's members, experts and sharing good practices in the field of green procurement
  • A kick-off meeting in October 2015
  • Face-to-face meetings with experts in tenders
  • Set up of two Working groups on the topics of transport and buildings 
  • Bulgarian SPPI Network organized training activities linked to GreenProcA in December 2015 and April 2016
  • In May 2016 the Bulgarian Public Procurement Agency published instructions for green/sustainable criteria in public procurement, which were distributed among Bulgarian SPP Network participants
  • The network, in collaboration with EcoEnergy, has organized a webinar on energy efficiency in August 2016

Name of the network:
Bulgarian SPPI Network - Мрежа за устойчиви обществени поръчки


15 municipalities

SPP Regions partners involved:
Municipality of Gabrovo and EcoEnergy

Upcoming activities:

  • Work meeting with the partners by Burgas municipality for preparing the tender model for Burga's city hall renovation
  • A webinar on the 19 Sept. 2016 in collaboration with EcoEnergy, Bulgarian Public Procurement Agency and En Effect Consult SLDT on the new regulations and requirement for SPP according to the new Public Procurement Act in Bulgaria
  • New working groups and face-to-face meetings
  • Three working group meetings planned for 2016
  • Engagement with other SPP Regions networks for knowledge sharing

Results so far:

  • Development of a survey targeting Bulgarian SPP Network municipalities to detect priorities in green and sustainable procurement
  • As a part of the Bulgarian SPP Network, Gabrovo Municipality has published the first green/sustainable public tender
  • Gabrovo Municipality and Burgas Municipality have published two public tenders with criteria for CO2 emissions reduction, respectively for the supply of two electric vehicles and of a new electric car

Newsletter & others

30 March 2017 (in Bulgarian)

10 February 2017 (in Bulgarian)

International Conference on Sustainable Energy Policies in Gabrovo  (article in Bulgarian)

Contact person:

Kalinka Nakova, Executive Director of the Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy, and Desislava Koleva, from the Gabrovo Municipality